With Nobel Laureate Dr. Kailash Satyarthi

An interactive session (Kishore-Kishori & Yuwa Samvad) with Nobel Laureate Mr. Kailash Satyarthi was organized by BBA and BKS, meant to support campaigns for combating trafficking and child labour, in association with the state Social Welfare Department, JSCPCR and NGO partners like Plan India, CINI, Save the Children, Chhotanagpur Samaj Vikas Sansthan, Prerna, OAK Foundation, Jan Sarokar and Ekjut at hotel BNR Chanakya, Ranchi, on 22nd May, 2017.

Shri. Sanjay Kr. Mishra said that new acts for children will create a milestone for children. This is the result of all those campaigns done till now. From 12 June we will focus to reach out all those children who are away from education.

Shri Saryu Rai- Minister, Parliamentary Affairs, Food Public Distribution & Consumer Affairs, Govt. of Jharkhand, Arti Kujur- Chairperson JSCPCR,  Mridula Sinha- Director General, Sri Krishna Institute of Public Administration, Govt. of Jharkhand (SKIPA), M. S. Bhatia-  Principal Secretary, Social Welfare Department, Ms Sumedha Satyarthi (spouse of Mr. Satyarthi), Dr Dinesh Sarangi- former Health Minister, Shatrughan Ojha- Social worker, NGO representatives, rescued and government school children were present at the occasion.

Girls from Kishori Niketan, Bijupara performed a folk song to welcome the guests. This was followed by customary lighting of lamp as a symbol to ward off darkness and enlighten the hearts of all the children of Jharkhand and the world.

The programme commenced with a note of thanks from JSCPCR chairperson Arti Kujur. She laid stress on the importance of all the organizations coming together to address this menace and how Mr. Satyarthi’s visit will act as a milestone in this journey. She said we will focus on rehabilitation of the children rescued from child labour. Panchayat Members would be given responsibility to identify those children families whose economic condition is worse. Awareness programmes will be conducted. We are working on Action plan so that Child labour could be completely finished.

  1. S. Bhatia from Social Welfare Department said that child labour is a challenging issue facing Jharkhand but if there is no dedication or perseverance, the legislations could not be implemented successfully.

ATI director general Ms. Mridula Sinha talked about the launch of Tejaswini Yojna meant to address the migration of adolescent girls. She said that children are meant to go to school and not work for somebody. She stressed on stringent implementation of RTE.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Satyarthi related his long term association with Jharkhand. He reminisced how he used to ride pillion and go to the interiors to visit tribal children in Koderma, Palamu and Gumla, among other places.

He said that despite so much development we have still not been able to provide a safe environment for our children. “Although there has been a decline in child labour- in 2000 there were 260 million child labours in the world and 130 million out of school children, now the figure stands at 150 million and 59 million respectively- atrocities against children continues worldwide”, he added.

“1.6 trillion dollars are spent on wars but it will require only 22 million dollars to ensure primary education for the children of the world. The world is not poor but poverty is in our hearts, in our approach to our responsibilities”, he rued.

He added that our anger should fire our motivation, to raising our voice against such inequality and eradicating the root cause. He urged people to be sensitive towards children working in tea stalls and dhabas and work for the rehabilitation of such children.

“You are not answerable to the donors or the government but to those children you work for. You owe moral accountability to yourself”, he further added.

Mr. Satyarthi said that when he had started in 1981, it was a struggle to convince people why bonded labour was wrong. There was no support from the government or the UN.

He said that all the sectors – government, civil societies, media, religious groups, should work together to bring a change. “Education is a potent tool to combat superstition. In Afghanistan we involved the maulvis to talk about education of girls. Given the following they have, religious leaders should come forward to create awareness on witchcraft and superstitious practices maligning our society.”

He informed about the global youth campaign 100 million for 100 million launched to curb forced labour and trafficking. The campaign has already been launched in India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Tobo and will be introduced in ten more countries soon.

“There are 10 crore children and youth in India and in the hearts of each of these children there’s a latent enthusiasm to do something, to be harbingers of change. This campaign is meant to ignite that enthusiasm.”

Before the programme ended, Mr. Satyarthi spoke to a rescued girl and talked to the government officials present to line up the process to help her pursue further studies.

He also interacted with children and answered their questions regarding trafficking, unemployment, education, success and well being of all. To Priya Tigga’s, from BKS, question asked on trafficking and unemployment and solution to these problems, Mr Satyarthi’s said that illiteracy was the main reason for all the problems. If the parents are even a little educated, they are more aware about the various government programmes and schemes. Civil societies, media and the government should work together to create awareness.

Dr. Bharti Kashyap and Mr Shatrughan Ojha were felicitated at the occasion for their contribution to the cause. Dr Kashyap’s team carried out free eye check up camp and cataract operation of around 1500 rescued girls.

Concluding the session, Mr. Saryu Rai, Minister, Parliamentary Affairs, Food Public Distribution & Consumer Affairs, thanked Mr. Kailash for his continuous effort and unwavering dedication that paved the way and laws were made and implemented to combat child labour.

       2nd Day- Conference in Project Building, Dhurwa, Ranchi

         With Nobel Laureate Dr. Kailash Satyarthi

In the programme the Chief Minister Jharkhand said that the govt. will prepare a strict law for the illegal placement agencies. The brokers who are involved in trafficking of children would be strictly punished. In name of jobs the girls of Jharkhand have been sold in different metropolitan cities. They are being physically abused. Watching these entire things why the Ministers don’t feel like shivering in their body, but watching things he feels really fearful and shaky.

He said that when he was a Labour Minister, he had rescued 20 child labourers from a restaurant. In Chakulia also he did the raid and has rescued child labourers from there. He said that he will bring new strict placement agency bill which would be passed in the legislative assembly.

Hon. Noble Laureate, Shri. Kailash Sathyarthy, firstly requested the Hon. C.M. of Jharkhand to draft stringent laws on Placement Agency. In the name of Mahapurush


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