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Majboor kisko bola (who are you helpless) is a radio based community programme on labor welfare human rights, social equity initiated in collaboration with BBC media action. This program is implemented in 15villages of Murhu block in khunti district. A listener group was formed in each villages and the new episodes were run every week. After the episodes the Listeners Group have the discussion over the episode.

Response of the Villagers about the Radio Programme-

  1. The villagers like the radio programme, and used to listen the episodes with great interest.
  2. Through the Radio Programme the villagers came to know about many issues like that of Bonded labour, Migration, their basic rights etc.
  3. They became more vocal for want of their rights. Now if they see any case of a Missing child, they come to the Police Station to report.
  4. If anyone goes out for work they make it a point to leave the address of the destination place, along with some contact number of that place, and inform it to the other family members or neighbours.



This is story about a 17year old girl from the Gajgaon Village. The parents and other family members were a part of the Listener Group of the BBC Radio Programme “Majboor Kisko Bola”. Two years ago, the daughter of the family Geeta (Name Changed) went missing from the village.

Parents were afraid to report about the Missing Child to the Police Station. The family was the regular listener of the Radio Programme. Through this Radio Programme they gained knowledge on how to do RR for missing case and

What to do if they are not given the basic amneties in their place of work, etc. Parents Filed RR on about the status of Geeta and finally with the help of Police they found Geeta. The

Parents came to know that the Geeta’s brother-in-law had only taken her to Delhi to work as Domestic Worker.

Geeta says that now she is very much happy to be back to home, and want to thank the “RADIO PROGRAMME” for increasing the awareness of the villagers. She inspired her friends in villages to

Iisten the Radio Programme of Mazboor Kisko Bola. Now Geeta is enrolled in school and continuing her education


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