State Resource Center, Ranchi, Jharkhand

18003457055- A very useful toll free no.for reporting cases of children and women on trafficking, missing and abuse cases, that will ring at State Resource Centre, Deputy Commissioner's Office, Kutchery Road, Ranchi.


Swavalamban is a project of Bal Kalyan Sangh collaborates with Netherland Embassy which provides free of cost skill development training program for the girls of Jharkhand. The present scenario of the Jharkhand shows that most of the young girls of the interior area are trafficked to the metropolitan cities in search of work. The economically backward family who cannot effort the living cost of their children were sent their children to work in the other states to earn some money and support their family but most of the time fake placement agencies sell the children especially girls to the hotels, brothels, Massage parlours etc., (more…)


Supported By: VSO India Introduction: “Aaghaaz” project has been launched in five cities of India as Patna, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Raipur and Ranchi with the support of VSO India Trust and Bharti Infratel Limited. In Ranchi Bal Kalyan Sangh (BKS) is Implementing partner of this project. Purpose/Objective: “Aaghaaz” project’s objective is to improve the livelihoods of 200 poor marginalized urban women through interpersonal, technical skill training and job placement. Its sub-objectives are:
  • Build confidence, leadership, interpersonal and other soft skills of 200 women through high-quality training sessions that are context-specific and gender-sensitive.
  • Build the capacity of 200 women on context-specific, market-driven technical skills through high-quality training.
  • Support and monitor the placements of 200 trained women in relevant employment, which is safe, secure and dignified (formal, a decent wage, good working conditions


To combat human trafficking in Jharkhand Bal Kalyan Sangh, Ranchi came up with an idea of providing livelihood options to these rescued and vulnerable communities. The livelihood options include raising a force of women security guard from Jharkhand, housekeeping and Tailoring Training and it has also ventured into Motor driving, Nursing, Computer Applications, and Beautician training- with support of Central Reserve Police Force, GOI. The idea behind is to rehabilitate the girls who were the victim of trafficking or vulnerable to trafficking, or are poor so that employment opportunities for the girls can be created. (more…)