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Supported By: VSO India


“Aaghaaz” project has been launched in five cities of India as Patna, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Raipur and Ranchi with the support of VSO India Trust and Bharti Infratel Limited. In Ranchi Bal Kalyan Sangh (BKS) is Implementing partner of this project.


“Aaghaaz” project’s objective is to improve the livelihoods of 200 poor marginalized urban women through interpersonal, technical skill training and job placement. Its sub-objectives are:

  • Build confidence, leadership, interpersonal and other soft skills of 200 women through high-quality training sessions that are context-specific and gender-sensitive.
  • Build the capacity of 200 women on context-specific, market-driven technical skills through high-quality training.
  • Support and monitor the placements of 200 trained women in relevant employment, which is safe, secure and dignified (formal, a decent wage, good working conditions

In the year 2016, Bal Kalyan Sangh has selected two trades for giving training to the 200 women of Slums which are:

  • Security Guard Training
  • House Keeping & Hospitality

Highlights demonstrative project impact

  • Socio-Economic Status of 142 girls along with their families raised
  • Confidence level and knowledge of 203 girls raised
  • 203 girls are ready to be self-sufficient


  • Completion of training of 203 girls
  • Placement of 142 girls
  • Support to the families of 142 girls by their self earnings due to placement
  • Increased the life standard of 142 girls along with their families.
  • Few poor girls with less education (only 8th Pass) who could not get any job without knowledge and education are now after training placed in big hotels where they are working very efficiently and employers are very satisfied with them.
  • The mindset of the 203 girls changed to positive way and they now are self-reliance.


In the year 2017, we have initiated this project taking 250 female candidates in which at present the training of …… candidates in going on and the rest is in process.

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  • N R K Singh

    Dear Sir we want to work with Aaghaaz project to empowerment of women. How can we contact with you for more information. Kindly contact up at given below detail:
    Contact – 8709802743
    E-Mail- mjsran2001@gmail.com

    September 2, 2020 at 11:50 am

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