State level Workshop on Rehabilitation of Missing and Trafficked Children

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State level Workshop on Rehabilitation of Missing and Trafficked Children

Self introduction of participants was held after which business session started.

Shri. Rakesh Sengar, (Project Director, BBA) said that we all always talk and discuss about child-protection. In this regard, I would like to say thatthere are two types of act that comes under it

  1. Juvenile Justice Act and
  2. Child Protection Act (Balz Sanrakshan Adhiniyam)

Coordination among law enforcement agencies should be done. Here people have come from different organizations and places. The child-labour law was made in the year 1986. District task force meeting is held two times in a year. The District administration should ensure that no single child is engaged in child-labour or find to be working as a child-labour. There is task force in Punjab and Haryana. There is also task force in district level too. The High court has also announced that every month 500 children should be free from child-labour. But this target is not achieved every month. It should be compulsory to take participation of labour-dept. When a child has been rescued from trafficking then they are brought to the Police Station. High court has also announced that sdm can shell the factory when high court has given the notice.

In Jharkhand 36 girls were rescued from different district. There is Rs. 3 lakh amount granted for rehabilitation after rescue of children from child-labour or bonded labour etc.

Mr. Baidnath, Social Activist said that In Jharkhand, NGO are doing the work of Police while the police is doing the work of NGO.

After this a Panel Discussion-1 was held in which the Panelist were:

  • Major General-Mr. Nilendra Kumar
  • Prashant Kumar (retired IPS), Chairman, ATSEC Jharkhand

There are many problems that can be seen in children. And it’s our duty to ensure that they their future is bright. All social-organization work in favour law and justice. But there is difference between law and justice. Justice is done by people not by a computer. If we can try we can make it better by working together. This is only possible with the coordination of all stakeholders. So we all should sit at same place & try to achieve the target.

Question Answer Session during Panel Discussion-1:

Smt. Aradhana Singh (AHTU Khunti-Police Station) said that

Ques. Our survivor is not getting any compensation. The child who is being rescued is not getting facility on the right time. The children who want to study, they get their admission in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalaya. She said that in my Khunti district all children should get this benefit. There is problem in doing research work, but inspite of that we have rescued 24 bonded labourers from Vellore.

Ans. Firstly you should try to know all the schemes plans, and benefits for children from your senior officers you should give a written document related the issue of child. We should try to think that why this crime has occurred. There are many acts and policies whose information and details are with the Labour Dept. whereas we don’t have the same. We should ensure to follow the law and regulations which are made by Supreme Court and should try to get help from District-Magistrate and this should be informed to the legal authority.

Shri. Sudarshan Kr. Bowri said that

Ques. After rescue of children the NGO brings them back to their home. It is a shortcut method. But what is the longcut method and right method for it?

Ans. Individual Care Plan is the long term.

CWC Chairperson said that

After rescuing and bringing the child the first priority is mental status of the child. Their basic needs are given. 130 children of Khunti had been rescued from trafficking.

Dr. Vinod Kumar said that

Complete details of the person should be there who is bringing the children after rescue. During this period what expenses had been occurred should be known to the Police and District Administration.

Dr. Kailash Karmali said that

Ques. There are many drug addict children. The children are taught to say what they say that itself during counseling. So first priority should be to stop children before they are trafficked.

Ans. It is not known before being trafficked that whether it is for trafficking purpose of safe migration.

After this a Panel Discussion-2 was held in which the Panelist were:

  • Prashant Kumar, Retd. IPS, Chairperson, ATSEC Jharkhand
  • Prabhat Kumar, National Coordinator-Education, Save the Children
  • Santosh Kumar, Secretary, JHALSA
  • Satkal Kumar

Shri. Santosh Kumar said that:

There is a very minute line between trafficking and missing of children. It’s not right to think missing as trafficking. We should enroll children through Right to Education. We should think on moving on multi dimensional approach and consider following it. Each one should realize their potential. There is lack of coordination among stakeholders. We should ensure our responsibility towards children. The Civil Society and the Police should work in coordination and ensure that they get education. I any complaint or application come before us we should not it to our senior and remove from the responsibility instead we should ensure to address the complaint and follow it till it is solved.

Shri. Satkal Kumar said that:

The child that doesn’t have the knowledge about the society that child is happening to suffer problems more. That child is suffered in such a way that we can’t even think on. Parents are not even awared on what their wards are facing. Law is soon going to come on Child Trafficking. We should also ask the name of the child from the child itself who is wandering in the roads and who is cleaning the streets.

Reena Dutta, CWC Member said that:

While working she is facing lots of problem like not having vehicle to go from one place to other in the fields.

CWC Member Palamu said that:

Ques. The child who has brought back after rescuing from trafficking is again re-trafficked. So how can we stop this?

Ans. We should enroll the child’s father to the social security scheme of govt. so that the child is not again re-trafficked due t poverty. We should start from one child itself.

A Police Officer said that:

When a child is brought back then the person who is bringing the child back, his/her all details should be written in the paper. Through legal services the child can get compensation for it.

Shri. Sanjay Kr. Mishra, State Coordinator, ATSEC Jharkhand said that:

Legal Acts are very useful and important.

Day- 22nd Nov, 2016

Shri. Sanjay Kr. Mishra, State Coordinator, ATSEC Jharkhand said that:

He asked each one of them to share their views on yesterday’s workshop details. In this following person shared their views:

  • Anita Jha, Bokaro DCPO
  • Aradhana Singh, AHTU Khunti

Smt. Anita Jha said that she came to know that what challenges are going to come in present and in future related to children. She learnt about RTI, and types of trafficking that is being held. Muskaan Operation was done but the message that was to go has not gone to the public. She said that in her district FIR should be lodged for the children gone missing and trafficked.

Smt. Aradhana Singh said that she had worked much on the issue of children and whatever issues that were raising in her minds has been cleared from yesterday’s session. Police is like a postman. People should bring the certificate fro where the child is being rescued. So any work should be done in process then only it will go in right way and everything would be clear and hence working for children becomes easy. When we got to know about missing or trafficked children then we jointly work with NGO and firstly do the DD entry and then following the process rehabilitate the children to their home. The D.C. has money for these types of cases of children. The work of CWC is to ensure where the child is to be enrolled to school. Earlier there were fewer facilities. I am attending these types of workshops since 2003 which has benefitted me a lot in solving issues of children. I have been receiving support from my seniors all time.

Shri. Sanjay Kr. Mishra said that if you work with heart your work will surely be done. In Jharkhand the JJ Act has been formed in 2005 by the order of the High Court but its implementation has been started from 2006 itself. We should read the act and realize its strength and then work accordingly. All JJ members did meeting and all members have the right to release the child in best interest of the child. Simply being a member in JSCPCR is not good instead we should work towards rights and protection of children. We should work to ensure justice to children. Placement Bill is the result of our struggle of 14-15 years which has come up now.

JJB Member said that we should work day and night without sleeping for children. Yesterday’s street play was really heart touching. He thanked BBA for this programme and also said that for punishment of accused there is proper judicial system so we all should follow the same.

Shri. Sanjay Kr. Mishra said that we can only understand this that how we have managed to complete this two days programme a successful one. It was really difficult to make this programme a successful one but we tried our best and now I feel that my effort has been successful which can be seen from all the participants.

Shri. Rakesh Senger said that in Ranchi the cold is high. Yesterday’s programme was really very well. The issue of child labour and trafficking has been reached to the govt. and The Hon. Governor. Yesterday the Hon. Governor said that she has gone to 23 district of Jharkhand and is working on the best interest of children. Yesterday we all came to know the problems that children deal with. It’s not only that there is trafficking of girl child. While starting anything there are lots of problems that comes on the way but we all stakeholders should work together to address the issue. Till one year we all worked with god coordination. At first we didn’t had money to work but slowly the members who joined to work become 1300 and then 1500. Punjab is the one state that organizes state over bridge. Punjab High court has the same model. BBA rescued 635 children in Punjab. There are lots of children of Jharkhand and U.P. We are working in Jharkhand since 1999. At that time doing like these programmes we used to take held from Gurudwaras. At that time child labour was not a big issue. Today there is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This is pride for our country that first time an Indian got Nobel Prize for Peace i.e. Nobel Laureate Shri. Kailash Satyarthy. Tomorrow the children can be a leader like him. We see that in mobile there is a small chip that is made from mica. Mica is one type of chemical. This mica is also used for making cosmetic things. This mica is found in Jharkhand a lot. We are working in 140 villages in Jharkhand and we have seen that there are small children who are working in these Mica Mines. When ICPS was drafted by Govt. of India at that time if it was implemented in villages then it would had been very good but yet now ICPS has not been properly implemented in villages. Committees are being formed in villages to aware the public on the issue. The govt. schemes should be properly benefitted to the village people. How to ensure the needs of children should be ensured by children itself. Child Sarpanch takes the issue towards the village Mukhiya. In Giridih the Bal Panchayat is formed and elected when there are all children of the village. We have discussed with many corporate for rescue of children. Media also has been providing necessary supports towards this. Pannalal was a social activist who belonged to Khunti district but he was actually a placement agent of trafficking and domestic work. At that time the Child Friendly Model was being implemented in the country and so now at present in Khunti there is 0% child labour.

Shri. S. S. Pathak, Joint Labour Commissioner, GOJ said that we had been fighting on the issue of child labour since last many years from our heart. This is a campaign. So now we have been successful towards our campaign and now it is finalled that till 14 yeas no child can work anywhere. If we get to know about placement agency then we will register them. We are bringing a new bill >kj[k.M futh fu;kstu vfHkdj.k ,oa |jsyw dkexkj fofu;eu fo/ks;d 2016


This act has many things in it. It has name, age, address and complete details registered in it. Through this we would get to know the details of placement agency. It is also decided that a passbook would be given to each one of them which would be like passport having name, age, address, salary etc. It will also have Aadhaar card no. and photo in it. After this only any placement agency can go to civil court. Rs. 25000 is minimum fine. Jharkhand is the second state to bring this Act for its state. There should be release certificate, investigation committee, Social Security and from 17.05.2017 govt. of India would be giving Rs. 100000/- (One Lakh) for which release certificate would be necessary.


Shri. Sanjay Kr. Mishra said that it’s very rare that I don’t recognize one’s faces who are sitting here. For fighting for children I am always ready. After formation of Labour Department in Jharkhand the work has been progress. This tie if there would be children’s blessings then surely the bill would be passed in Parliament. Apart from this POCSO Act section 8 has come which is also a powerful tool for children.

Shri. Vikas Chandra Shrivastav, DSP Sadar, Ranchi said that first he was a teacher. My ambition is to replace the Police image. To stand for justice of children is like taking diya in front of sun. The Police officials are technically bit slower. There are missing child sites or applications like Khoya Paaya, Track the Missing etc. where we can upload the missing child details. In Ranchi since two years 21 cases have been registered in it. There is a programme named Aao Saath Chale which is for children, in which an legal and information box is being put up in school and colleges by the Police. This is very appreciative work done by the Police. The children who have gone outside or illegally migrated, we are trying to bring them back to Jharkhand. In Bokaro the Police are doing good work. Police is also implementing a programme named CCTNS. AHTUC is there in Jharkhand that registers cases of children. In Ranchi the AHTUC is Kotwali Police Station, it is a processing unit of AHTUC.

The District Chairman of Dhanbad said that in Lohardaga the Police have worked a lot on the issues of children when CWC was formed in the earlier stages.

Shri. Sanjay Kr. Mishra said that the Senior Police Officials have been working a lot and good too. Nature and Signature never changes. Some Police Officials work beyond their work and do good.

Shri. Prabhat Kumar said that when people talk good about Police and News Reporter then I fear that are we leaving beyond anything. India should have a SOP for missing children.

Shri. Anup Hore, State Head, Plan India Jharkhand said that PLAN India is working in 9 district in Jharkhand. Our work named Missing Children is running in Nepal and Bhutan too. I feel really bad when Police are said bad.

Shri. Sanjay Kr. Mishra said that he had been working with Shri. Anup Hore, PLAN India since 7 years. He said that you all have been role model on the issue of child labour. There was a time when people used to say what is trafficking? What does it mean? At that time I don’t use to have even Rs. 10000 to work. But now I am happy that people know about trafficking and want to combat it. I feel really proud that the campaign that I led has been now successful. I thank all of you towards this effort for making this workshop a successful one.

Ms. Niharika Chopra, BBA said that we are working in Delhi and seeing the problems of children. We are working closely with DLSA. BBA has a National Legal Authority Scheme (All India Legal Stabilized Authority). In this there are 25 employed Lawyers. In the coming days if a property is made by the earning of working as a trafficker then the property would be sealed by the govt.  CWC has the power to take action for children. JJ Act also has lots of provision by which a child could not be jailed even if he/she has done a heinous crime.


Download pdf to read in Details :Report of two days workshop of BBA

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