Introduction of the Project

The project aims to enhance the capacity of women and identified support groups on advocacy and lobbying to address violence against women and facilitating political participation of women at all levels of governance. Violence against women needs to be seen as an issue that is based on the existing power relations, interpretation of masculinity and patriarchy that govern relationship between man and women.

Target Group

Number of Direct beneficiaries: 7000 (includes vulnerable women, young adults, representatives from Law enforcement agencies, Media personnel, vulnerable families, student union members, Judiciary)

Number of Indirect Reach: 50,000

As a part of this project, the beneficiaries are the women, young adults (18 – 21 years), vulnerable families and communities as well as Government functionaries, Law Enforcement agencies, and other duty bearers who will be trained and capacitated in terms of knowledge and skills.

Expected Challenges/Risks

  1. The primary challenge during this project period will be to identify women who will be able to sustain advocacy and lobbying actions post the project period.
  2. Target population may not understand the need to develop advocacy lobbying skills (rather they would ask for direct service delivery)
  3. Influential stakeholders may resist this program or feel a bit threatened.

Project Achievement:

  1. Selection of 10 villages
  2. Compiling of village profiling done
  3. Selection of staffs done
  4. Two Orientation training provided to the staffs
  5. Developing a Manual on know-how of advocacy actions for upholding women’s rights and EVAW
  6. Formation and functioning of women’s club and youth club, meetings and interactions
  7. Baseline format preparation done
  8. Baseline Survey-A Rapid Assessment on VAW done
  9. 40 Community Meeting with the women groups/target groups done
  10. Identified groups working for women in the 10 villages.Organized programme in Khunti and celebrated Swachch Shakti Saptah on the eve of International Women’s Day dedicating it for Women Empowerment
  11. Developed a pocket book on available services with contact details and helpline numbers
  12. 2 Monthly Meeting with the women’s club and youth club, meetings and interactions
  13. Organized a Regional Level Round Table Meeting on violence against women-safe migration-safe livelihood
  14. Organized Sakhi Bal Samvad in which 300 children participated and raised their questions on child rights before the Hon. Members of NCPCR and District Administration Officials of Khunti District.