Geographical Area coverage for the Water Supply and Sanitation : Our geographical area is  6 Blocks in Kodarma District  of Jharkhand state .The name of six blocks are Satgawa, Domchach, Markacho, Jainager, Koderma and Chandwara. We are working here  collaboration with district water and sanitation department  for ODF declaration of Koderma and focusing mainly two blocks as Domchach and Markacho.

Thematic area of intervention: – Water Supply and Sanitation in Kodarma District. We are working with collaboration of District administration under Swachh Bharat Mission (Garmin) and our target to do ODF 109 Panchayat in 6 Blocks of Kodarma District .We also aware to villagers that People maintain hygiene and use toilet.

Objectives of the Global Sanitation Fund in India:

The GSF programme in India project has three main objectives.

  1. To contribute to sustainable sanitation use and hygiene behaviour at scale;
  2. To develop capacity for sustainable promotion of improved sanitation and hygiene;
  3. To promote a culture of continuous learning among all stakeholders.

Bhartiya Kisan Sangh supported by Global Sanitation Fund in association with NRMC and Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) has given us the opportunities to work more effective and constructive issues of hygiene and sanitation. Initially we have started in the Koderma District of Jharkhand and focusing the one block named Domchach with a sole objective to become 100% ODF as desired by the aim of Swachh Bharat mission (Gramin ) for the period from September 2016 to June 2017. As we know that our honourable Prime Minister has given more emphasis on the cleanliness in the entire country and his dream that in our country as a whole there will be no garbage during the celebration of 75 years of our independence.

People are aware of the misery caused by open defecation and it is necessary to understand that there has been a rapid increase in the construction. Meeting at various places for washing hands with soap and through demonstration, now the children and villagers also have understood that hand should be washed with soap and that is what they have been doing properly.

Through our implemented activities like as Mason training, Community led total sanitation training, Training with village water and sanitation committee, Training with ICDS workers, triggering activities, Street play shows, wall writing and Iron holding we have made a lot of efforts to give information to people regarding best practices of Sanitation. Activities conducted under the awareness programme and also by district collaborative plans like as Go to home touring, Tola sabha, Baal sabha, Evening and Night Chaupal, follow up visits, Sanitation related rally with school children, Formation of Nigrani samiti and child group for Roko Toko activities, Meeting with women etc a lot of changes have been made in the former condition. Some of the key changes of this project are: –

  • GSF project has been successful in drawing attention of the government, now the government functionaries are attending panchayat and village level sensitization meeting, more support is received from the government counterpart in planning and executing designed programme particularly timely Physical verification of the construction worn and timely fund disbursal.
  • The GSF project and the local departments have worked in collaboration and planning activities collectively, towards improving rural sanitation that is now one of the highest priority areas of govt. The project was receiving proactive and timely support from line department Government staffs, which is reflected in the timely disbursal of funds.
  • The mass awareness program has been successful in sensitizing community members on adverse effects of open defecation and motivating them to adopt healthy sanitation practices. As a result, over the last one year, 29 Panchayat has become ODF and many panchayats will shortly reach the ODF status.
  • Regular orientation program & interface meetings with PRI Members & Mukhias have enhanced their involvement and ownership in the program. The strength of the sanitation program has been successful bringing a positive change in the minds of BDO and PRI members including Mukhia and they have internalised the importance of sanitation.
  • GSF project facilitated the community to get their shared entitlement for construction of toilets under the government’s which has encouraged people to go for the construction of household toilets.
  • Developed ownership in the Ward members and Jalsahiyas. They are taking initiatives in the construction of toilet as well as community mobilization.

Member of Nigrani sammitti and Children’s group named Roko Toko group is also coming forward to take lead, especially for community mobilization. Nigrani sammitti is playing active role in making the Village ODF and monitoring of open defecation.

When the ODF village was visited for the follow up, it has been experienced that the communities are sensitized on the issue and a lot of behavioural change has taken place.  Even after 5 or 6 months all the children, women and men are using the toilet. They acknowledged that using toilets has become a daily routine of the life. They also encourage others villages to stop open defecation and construct their own toilet at house hold level.