The Project area is part of the 3 bordering districts, namely Koderma & Giridih of Jharkhand state and Nawada district of Bihar state.  The areas are marked by its difficult terrain surrounded with dense forests, poor connectivity and isolation from all sorts of basic amenities. Mica picking and mining is mainly done primarily by the disadvantaged communities such as ST, SC and OBCs.

What we do in the project:

  1. Strengthening community level systems: as to ensure child rights and protection at the community level and addressing their need through linkages.
  2. Education: Track drop out and out of school children and ensure 100% school enrollment and retention of children in school with improved quality of education.
  3. System Strengthening and convergence with government: Linking with various government departments with various schemes and opportunities for economic and social development.
  4. Strengthening of health & nutrition services: Health Centre (ANM/ASHA/ PHC/ Anganwadi Worker /Anganwadi Centres/ Sanitation department) to ensure increased access to health, nutrition and immunization of the community. Health, Nutrition and sanitation Committees, such as VHSNC and important days like VHND will be prioritized during the intervention period to ensure increased access to health, nutrition and sanitization. Awareness of adolescent and youth on SRHR.