Aarti Kumari says “I want to become a Change Maker……………………..”Arti


Name                          :           Aarti Kumari

Present Age                 :           18 years

Address                       :           Not Known


Aarti was brought to Kishori Niketan, Bijupara a short stay home run by Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, Ranchi with the support of Department of Social Welfare (WCD) Govt. of Jharkhand on 4th February, 2011. As per her counseling report it came out that at the very young age she used beg in her nearby street with her brother for their livelihood. Her father was a drunker and whatever he earned used to expense it on drinking purpose. When the children came later after begging he use to beat the children harshly for this. Both the children were also very much abused by the Step mother. One day Aarti’s father sold her to a stranger for money. But she then however ran away from their and came back to her home. When she came home she was again abused by both of her father and mother. So tired from this situation one day she went outside of home for begging purpose but from there she ran away to Howrah Station to go some other place that is away from her home. But here she was captured by a trafficker who hijacked her to take her to some other place. One of the person who saw this situation informed this to the GRP Howarah. Thus the GRP Howrah enquired the trafficker wherein she was rescued by the GRP of Howrah station and was handed over to the CHILDLINE Howrah. CHILDLINE Howrah kept Aarti in their home for around 5 years and after rigorous counseling by the team it was identified that she was from West Singhbhum, Jharkhand but the name of specific place where she stays was not mentioned by her.


CHILDLINE Howrah then handed this case to CHILDLINE Ranchi wherein she was then handed over by CHILDLINE Ranchi to Kishori Niketan, Bijupara in 2011. Then by the order of Child Welfare Committee Ranchi she was admitted to Kishori Niketan (Short Stay Home run by BKS). At the time she was 15 years of age. After rigorous counseling it came out that she was a good learner and she wanted to study as she had earlier completed her studies till 5th Standard. So she had a will to study. She also had an interest in dancing, singing, role play and helping children. So considering her best interest BKS with support of Jharkhand State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (JSCPCR), Department of Social Welfare (WCD) Govt. of Jharkhand and Jharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC) enrolled her in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalay (KGBV), Mandar, Ranchi in class 8th on 4th July, 2013.


Along with the studies she was interested in advocating on the issues on child violence, wherein she use to tell children from her school and her nearby school communities to the areas nearby Kishori Niketan, Biupara. Wherein BKS identified her interest and gave her opportunity to go to the villages, blocks and districts forming a member of the street play (Nukkad natak) on the issues to combat child labour, child trafficking, child marriage and other child abuses. BKS with support of Save the Children Jharkhand implements a project named Child Friendly Village wherein BKS along with Save the Children Jharkhand advocates on combating child abuses. So BKS along with Save the Children gave Aarti an opportunity to become a team leader of this Child Friendly Village in Ranchi and Khunti where the project runs wherein she went to different villages to advocate on these issues. Other than this during her leisure time she used to go the communities for giving messages on stopping the issues on child abuses, in the form of street plays and skits. She has become a role model for thousands of children of Jharkhand and wants to become a change maker of the society.


She was felicitated as Times Now’s Amazing Indians Award in New Delhi on 6th of February,2014.


Aarti Kumari says that “I want to become a Change Maker in Society wherein there is no child labour, no child trafficking, no child marriage and no other child abuses”.