The economy by one large relies on agriculture. India has the highest percentage of area under cultivation but the yield of crops through better seeds, irrigation and use of advanced technologies and research is experienced in the last few decades.

Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, was formed with a vision to enrich the agriculture sector with all kind of new technologies and research. Working on the agricultural development, particularly in different districts of Jharkhand, it was experienced that farmers in Jharkhand were not in a position to experiment. Suffering with basic requirement, specifically of irrigation water and electricity, agricultural sector in Jharkhand still looking for a leap and ensure food grains at last for an year for each farm family. Bhartiya Kisan Sangh with all its effort to keep rural society intact to their occupation and infused new agro based techniques to the farm families. Focusing on the farmers of Ranchi District, particularly in Chanho and Mandar Block, farmers were motivated for vegetable production and value addition for the same.

Bhartiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) in its core area of intervention like in Burmu, Chanho of Ranchi district, Arki block of Khunti district and Pakuria block of Pakur district consistently working with farmers and focused on awareness generation on latest technologies in agriculture and methods to increase their production. Groups of women farmers had been developed and were capacitated with techniques of cultivating high yielding crops. Many women in Arki and Pakuria block had became self sustainable through agriculture.

Advocacy, awareness generation and trainings were the key areas in which Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, had initiated, without any support from nation and international agencies. Apart from vegetable production, farmers were supported in collecting quality seeds from block and techniques of cropping in association with district administration and Birsa Agriculture University. A feast was also organized in Ranchi city were farmers of Chanho and Mandar, exhibited their produces and gained appreciation. Vermin-composting and mushroom cultivation of four years had marked the success in earning livelihood for the farmers of our work area. Bhartiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) arranged trainings to the women farmers groups formed on value addition to the agro produces and their linkages to market. Since all of the activities of agriculture are done with the local contributions, many planned activities remain untouched. Still, Bhartiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) focus on the development of agriculture with infusion of latest agricultural technologies.