A Project title “Protecting and Empowering Child domestic workers” run by BKS in two districts Ranchi and Khunti of Jharkhand. The project covers total of 80 villages in khunti districts includes two blocks Torpa and Murha and in 15 villages of Chanho block of Ranchi district. The project is supported by Save the Children, Comic relief UK and Rekkit Benkizer.The overall aim of the project is to reduce Child Domestic Work across three states through an integrated approach of prevention, response, system strengthening, awareness and rising and evidence sharing.

The main objectives of the project are

  • Providing CDWs at risk children with recreational opportunities, literacy, and numeracy and life skill education so that they have access to formal education or vocational skills, to improve the quality of life.
  • Establishing community based child Protection Committees to contribute towards the protection of CDWs and towards preventing at risk children from being drawn into Child Domestic Workers
  • Ensuring provisions under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 (RtE), The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation ) Act,1986(CLPRA)and Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) are met by the government and collating and sharing good practice in eliminating child domestic work.
  •  Capacity building of Govt. officers and Community Based Organization (CBOs) to plan, implement, monitor and share learning from programming and advocacy initiatives to realize the rights of child domestic workers.

One of the major objective of the project is to make the Village child friendly. In child Friendly village there is no Child Labour, no Child Marriage, No child trafficking, no violence taking place and no discrimination and all children are in school. To achieve this BKS has adopted three strategy such as activities with children at risk and vulnerable, at community level and activity with duty holders.
Multiple activity center (MAC)
The MAC concept has been developed in order to put the drop-outs back to school. Various activity are conducted in MAC. In MAC trafficked children, child labour, out of school, child return from child domestic workers are enrolled. Children’s 6-14 years of age group are mainstreamed informal school as per RtE provisions but children 15-18 years age group who are in vulnerable condition and at risk are provided counselling, Life skill training and are motivated for vocational training. Presently 20 MAC running in the project area covering total 700 children in current year.

Vocational Training:
In last year total 75 boys and girls were trained in different trade like Stitching and house keeping. And total 254 children were enrolled informal school.

Village Child Protection Committee(VCPC)
Village level child protection is formed and functional in 95 villages. The major responsibility of the VCPC is to address the various child protection issues in the villages. Each VCPC comprises of 16 members out which two children are the members of VCPC to ensure child participation. VCPC sits once in every month and prepares the action plan.

Bal Panchayat
Bal Panchayat” (Children Group)Bal panchayat which is also known as children group has the major role towards making Child Friendly Village. Total 95 children groups are formed and functional in project area. They sit once a month and addressing the child protection issues of their villages. Children between 10 to 18 years of ages are involved. CG was provided Training is spreading awareness among the children on Child Rights.

Theatre group:
The children group is doing the awareness generation activities against Child labor, child marriage, child trafficking and other child related issues through
“NukkadNatak” . This theatre group is well trained and they move one village to another to perform.